Peace Palace

GroenLinks International (English)

GroenLinks is the Dutch green party, our name translates as GreenLeft. We strive for a city where we respect the environment, where we fight against inequality and where everyone feels free to be themselves.

Green and sustainable The Hague

It’s time for firm action to fight climate change. We want to ensure that The Hague remains a wonderful place to live, for us and for the generations to come. That means switching to clean energy, clean heating and clean mobility at a high pace. GroenLinks also strives for better protection of our trees, parks, and beautiful coast. Nature is essential for our wellbeing. It makes us happier and healthier and strengthens the climate resilience of our city.

Fair opportunities for everyone

GroenLinks fights against inequality. Everyone deserves fair chances in life. We want affordable housing, equal job opportunities, decent schooling and good health care for every resident. We see it as our duty to take good care of everyone and especially of those who are most vulnerable.

Freedom and acceptance

Freedom is one of the most valuable things we have. We are proud of the diversity in our city where over 140 nationalities are represented. In this City of Peace and Justice, we want every resident to feel at home and feel at ease, regardless of their nationality, cultural background, gender or sexual orientation.

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